Sunday, June 24, 2007

Money Making Ideas

Web 2.0 boom is still going strong. The venture capital industry invested $4 billion into web2.0 startups in 2006. A great idea is always a good start to making money online.

People are constantly looking for information either because they need it or because they are just purely curious. Google made a killing off of this habit.

Online dating service have always been a pay-only service. But jumped in and offered a free service that is just as good or even better. Traffic went through the roof.

Affiliate marketers - manufacturers of digital and physical goods are always in need of marketing help. A load of affiliate marketers fill in the void. Then an elite group of super affiliates started to offer courses and services to the rest of the affiliate population. These self-claimed experts put their best practice tips or tricks of promoting products into ebooks and make much more money in selling the tips of how to sell affiliate products than actually selling others’ products. So the key to real success in internet marketing is: you have to have your own products!

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