Sunday, August 05, 2007

Different methods to make money from a forum

More and more Internet marketers are flooding to join forums everyday. Obviously they have the vision and see something beneficial to them. There are certainly many ways to make money in a forum. Here are 5 proven methods:

1. Quality post to build up your reputation

By Building your reputation, you are indirectly building friendship and trust. No one trust their money or time to some whom they do not know well. Share your ideas sincerely. Never promise anything you cannot deliver. Building up trust will build up friendship and you are on your way to a huge and strong network. You will soon have a team of fellow marketers and a big group of followers. Great business deal and joint venture come from them

2. Use your forum signature

The signature system is free for you to use. Most forum limit you to a 150 - 250 letters in your signature space, so please be sure that you fully maximize your signature space. Use short url services so that you will have more space to display more advertisement. Signatures are a great way of advertising. Most people will click on a reputable person’s signature and most probably join the program he/she puts in the signature. The more post you have, the more chances your signature ad is going to be expose to the money makers.

3. Upgrade your forum account and get more exposure

Many forums has paid membership for you to upgrade at a reasonable price. You can get a lot more exposure because your user name is displayed in a different color and also you can have some free banner impressions. Your name will always be displayed on the front side hence creating curiosity and more exposure to who you are. People wants to know you and wants to join the program you are joining and making money together with you.

4. Use forums to get higher PageRank and get index fast on Major Search engines

We all know that PageRank can increase the value of a site. Most buyers look for sites with higher PR compared to lower PR. If you site or blog got index or a high ranking PR of a forum, it will help and push your PR ranking. I have seen some site which have PR 1 and got PR 2 after just 1 week of been indexed by SE on a money forum. If you find your site not indexed on Major Search engines, one of the best way is to post your site on a forum with high PR and traffic. You will soon see your site being indexed on major search engines and indirectly you will have more traffic. Traffic is equal to money on the Internet. Getting quality traffic are very important if you are looking to make money online.

5. Leverage on other money making gurus and learn from them

There are many members in the forum who are willing to share their tips and knowledge with you. Example if a member can teach you how to save money wisely and you managed to save an extra of $100 monthly. This makes $1200 in a year meaning indirectly you earned an extra of $1,200 in one year and that knowledge which is your assets follows you forever. Always increase your knowledge learning new things from the wise one. Many wants to share their quality methods of money making but are you the one who is willing to receive it? Knowledge is equal to power and money. Always invest your time in the forum learning new tricks. Treat the money forum like your money making university, you will find many professor out there willing to be your mentor.

There are many more ways to make money in forums. Any small idea can make you lots of money if you are willing to try new things. Every sub forum of a forum has its own reason for being there. Explore every part of the forum and you will be amazed of what you can find. Money making has never been made easier. The Internet and technology has helped bring the world closer. The world is out there for you. Now it is time for you to receive it.

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