Friday, June 20, 2008

6 Ways To Turn Your Unique Website Visitors Into Repeat Website Customers

1. Stay In Touch
Stay in contact with customers on a regular basis. You will need to test and measure how often your clients wish to receive your information.
For some it is once a day but for most it will be at least once a week to once a fortnight. This is why building an optin list is so important.
Offer visitors a free e-zine subscription or a free report about the “7 deadly mistakes that ……”. You simply must build a list and if you aren t you are losing money. Period.
After every sale follow-up with the customer within 48 hours to see if they are satisfied with their purchase and follow up with back end sales.
A customer who buys from you are likely to buy from you again provided you provide exceptional service, high value and make them feel special and respected.
2. A Friendly And Easy Navigated Web Site
Make it easy for your customers to navigate through your Web site. Have a “FAQ” section on your Web site to explain answers to frequently asked questions.
Spell out exactly how they can make a transaction on line for you. You should be tracking your website to determine which pages are being visited and where visitors are entering and exiting your website.
Is there a logical flow through your website? Are visitors able to view all pages quickly (within 6 seconds) over their connection?
Are there no banner ads or distracting images that may interrupt the flow of information to the visitor?
Can they view the site without having to scroll left or right? Ie is the site optimized for at least 800 x 600 resolution?
You could also write up an electronic survey or Php Poll to ask your customers what they need and offer them an incentive to fill it in.
3. Easily Communicated With
Make it easy and for your customers to contact you. Offer Email, Phone, Mail (and office details). Some may prefer to use Skype or Instant Messenger as well. You could also offer toll free numbers for phone and fax contact. I recommend the use of a contact us script rather than a hyperlinked email address to avoid being spammed.
4. Practice Outstanding Customer Service
Make sure employees know of and use your customer service policy. Be flexible in your customer relations and above all be fair and respectful to their concerns, needs and wants. Give your employees bonuses or incentives to practice excellent customer service.
5. Impress Your Customer With The “Cherry On Top” Approach
Always give your customers more than they expect. This will reduce the likelihood of returns from “impulse buys”. A thank you gift or voucher can go a long way to ensure that your customer buys from you again. An email within 48 hours of the purchase to confirm that they love the purchase and seek any assistance will also improve customer satisfaction.
6. Be Respectful
Always be polite to your customers by using the words please, thank you, and your welcome. Above all be respectful to your customer. If you make a mistake apologize sincerely and quickly. Above all make it up to the customer so that they will return with a positive impression of your business.
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