Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keyword Tool for Earning Online Money

Among the online money making tools you've got for your online business I'm sure a keyword tool is the king and queen! A keyword tool is, in other words, the way to tell how your potential customers are looking into their need. After all, it takes a need and its satisfaction to bring a salesman and a customer together!

There are some available online money making tools that include a keyword tool, others that sell separately and some keyword tools that are free. Although snubbed by certain people these latter ones can be of huge assistance and if used properly do not have anything to miss compared to the more sophisticated tools that sell for a considerable amount of money. Here are some sources for you to explore:

1)The free wordtracker tool. This tool lets you know how many times a certain term has been searched for in the search engines. You can find valuable information here and if you look closely to the related searches that this tool provide you can see certain trends that potential customers develop when searching to buy. Some disadvantages are the not so accurate search volume that comes up with, not in terms of relevancy but in terms of volume and the fact that it does not provide you with some competition information that other tools give you. Nevertheless, it is really effective especially for people that know to read between the lines!

2)The keyword tool from Google adwords. This is again a fine keyword tool that has the main advantage to provide data straight from the source: Big Google itself! It gives you info on the search volume of keywords, competition lookout and other statistical data. Among the online money making tools that you may encounter this should become a daily habit! It also has a really powerful feature of keyword research that is similar to reverse engineering!

3) The Google trends. While this is not the typical keyword tool it is free and can be used to spot search terms over the period of time. You can learn for instance that the keyword you were thinking to promote declines during the winter and spikes during summer in terms of volume search. So going after it just before summer would give you something to anticipate.

Of course there are other online money making tools out there but the above ones are really well tested and they are free! They do have some weaknesses and only the combined use of them can help you get over these obstacles.

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