Friday, September 26, 2008

15 StumbleUpon Tools and Resources You Can't Live Without

3 weeks ago, i wrote on a tutorial on how you can stumble without your mouse and i am guessing everyone loves to know a little trick when their mouse is faulty so that they will still be able to actively stumble! This tutorial have also pulled in 5,340 visitors in a short span of 3 days and constantly brought in hundreds of pageviews constantly. It was one of my most successful written tutorial. I am actively involve in stumbling so i need a list of tools to work on. Below is a list of 15 tools and resources that is actively used.

Stumbling Tools & Scripts

stumbleupon tools

Stumbleupon Video Widget - You are able use the small snippet code to add on your blog and share your list of stumbled videos with your fellow readers.

Stumbleupon Tool Button - To make it easy for those who does not have the toolbar you can add your own stumble button for other surfers to stumble your article.

Stumbleupon Auto-Code Creator - This form allows you to create a bookmarklet that will automatically insert your personalised layout into any StumbleUpon text box.

wySUwyg - This Firefox extension will give you more freedom with your StumbleUpon account by letting you alter the format of any text area you view. You can install wySUwyg from the installation page. Right now, it's available only for Firefox.

Facebook Stumbles - Don't you want to share your stumbles with your facebook friends and family online? Now you can by adding on to this application you are able to show webpages that you give a thumbs up too.

Blog Platform Stumbles - Stumbleupon have not forgotten all blog platform with simple embedded codes that you can add so that each and every article can be stumbled on the page by your readers.

StumbleRank - If you have hit a respected amount of stumbles with thousands of fans, why not submit your profile to this page which shows a list of top 100 craze stumblers!

Stumble with your Preferred Browser


Internet Explorer - One of the 2 official released add on browser available that can be downloaded from stumbleupon website. You can now stumble with a toolbar which have many options allowing you to stumble better.

Firefox - I am a current firefox user and the toolbar came in hand to help me stumble better and to my preference which i can change my preference over time.

Opera - I have not used this browser before but there is an unofficial add on for opera users which should be pretty similar to both IE and FF.

Guides That Are a Must to Read


Beginners Guide to Stumbleupon

This is if you are still new, after reading you could read my comprehensive guide that i have written months ago before the rest of the article below.

How to Use StumbleUpon for Your Business

I have seen too many comprehensive stumbleupon guides, but Tamar wrote an exclusive for business setup and shows you how to use stumbleupon for your business.

Stumbleupon can get your AdSense Account Banned for Invalid Impressions Fraud

No complains were heard with massive stumble traffic yet, but we have heard of invalid impressions for those who got dugg hard and received almost 30,000 visitors at a go, not only did it crash their server but also lost their income.

5 Tactics For Driving Traffic From StumbleUpon

A stumble profile may look like a bookmarklet to you, but you might not realise that others are actually following your profile, stumble useful webpages and create a respectable stumble profile.

How to Become a Top StumbleUpon User

If you are crazy to become one of the top stumblers, then you got to work real hard to achieve that status but with hardwork and great stumbling you might become one of the top 50 stumblers.

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