Friday, September 26, 2008

Recycle Your Blogging Content

If you have more than five hundred post written under your name, it is time you evaluate whether you should turn your blogging content into a profitable business. A handful of bloggers have published their own hard copy book and ebook which provides comprehensive data collection of enriched content found on their blog.

Would you like to recycle your blogging content and create something profitable out of it? Before you think about making a profit, these are some of the tools that you will need if you want to sell your products like hotcakes.

Autoresponders. You need a strong list of readers subscribed to your weekly newsletter which you deliver to them without fail with a set of tips or release of your new products.

Landing Page. You will need to have your product Landing page to be ready so that which your book is for sales, the readers can be directed to the right place to purchase the book.

Soft-launch. You will need to do a soft-launch to respectable bloggers and Forum moderators who already have authority in this field and get a testimonial from them which you have prove as evidence to your potential buyers that your product is no hoax.

Getting your graphics right. It might not be of any concern to your sales but good graphics used attracts potential buyers like how bees source for pollens. If you are no designer, then source for one which their service is not expensive.

Any Freebies? If you do have third party products given for free to your buyers, it might boost your sales, since everyone loves the word free and telling them how much it is worth could give them a rough guide how much they are only paying for this product in return for another exciting product.


Remember that these five steps will only aid you in selling your ebook but having your ebook clustered into one requires more than five steps to turn this into a profitable business.

Compilation of Contents. Compiling your top 100 written post is the primary step. Breaking it down into different section and categories which can form a content table.

Generating Subscribers List. Extract a few articles to be your promotional give aways to entice your buyers, that is where your autoresponders comes in place, in order to download this exclusive article, you need to signup in my weekly newsletter and that is how you generate your subscribers.

Lead Product. Use your free content as a lead in product for your fee based content or private site. Allow them the option of up grading to the paid version which generates another source of income.

Repackaging Your Content. Your Post could be repackaged into various form of business, like Audio lessons, speeches, class lessons and video tapes.

Attracting Subscribers. You need more subscribers turn potential buyers to increase the sales level of your product. You could have already submitted tons of free publish articles which requires the other party to leave a mini resource box with the publishersname and website which can in turn mark up your sales.

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