Friday, October 03, 2008

The Best Way To Make Money Online According To Me!

Making Money Online is the rave of the Internet these days. The only thing is you need to know a little bit about what you are doing in order to make a real income, and that is a little easier said than done.
I am no expert on Internet Marketing, but I have been making money online for the last 4 years now. The easiest way that I have found to get started making money online is to find an existing money making program and copy it.
Since I have been marketing online for a while now, I know that the marketers who can make the most money, the fastest are the ones who have a list of prospects that they can e-mail their offers to. The old saying “The Money Is In The List” is true. When you have an list of people interested in your offer that you can mail to, that’s money in the bank.
Building a list is collecting email addresses of people who want to be contacted by you. One of easiest ways of getting those names is to advertise something your prospects can get for free. Your product or service must have a perception of value to get the most sign ups. The benefit of building a large list is you have contact with hundreds to thousands of people whenever you have a message to get out.
The free offer method is a great way to start building a good list of interested prospects, and most online marketers use it, but for me it has a problem that has bugged me for some time. You see you have a cost that comes with advertising your free offer on the internet. Now granted you are receiving guality prospects, but you are not receiving any compensation to cover your advertising cost because you are giving away a free offer. Well I recently discovered a solution to that problem.
Here is how this unique system has solved the above problem. The offer is a program that helps anyone build a large opt-in list. Your Free offer is a Free 3 day 2 night vacation given to anyone who joins your list building program. I cost $10 bucks to join the program. You and 4 other marketers will get paid $2.00 each when someone joins. When your prospect run the same promotion and starts building their own list you will get paid $2.00 again from everyone who joins their list and so on down 5 levels deep.
The reason this program is so effective is that it’s so simple and inexpensive to run. Look what can happen when you follow the simple program instructions. Everyone who joins this pays 5 people $2 each. That’s the $10 cost involved. You then start receiving tons of $2 payments yourself. First from your 10. Then from their 10, then from their 10, etc. If everyone were to take a full month to get their 10 this is what you can expect to earn each month… Month 1: $20 (whoopie!) Month 2: $200 (looking better) Month 3: $2,000 (lets go shopping) Month 4: $20,000 (goodbye CC debt - hello Cancun!) Month 5: $200,000 (goodbye mortgage)
In my opinion this is a great way to get started marketing on the internet, because you have a product to offer that will build you a huge list of opt-in prospects that you can promote other offers to, plus it generates income to help offset your advertising cost. The program is simple and inexpensive to promote, you get a Free 3 day 2 night vacation, plus you have the potential to earn $20,000 in 4 months and build a 10,000 strong prospect list all for just $10. For more details on this amazing program, click the link in the resource box.

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