Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Money Making tricks for Bloggers

Making money from blogging has become easier over the past two years. Advertisements, sponsorships, fundraising and even blogging jobs are only some of the ways a blogger can earn money these days. So, if up until now you weren't financially rewarded for sharing your world view with the blogosphere, continue reading to find out how to make your blogging efforts more profitable.

Google's Adsense is one of the easiest and most popular ways to earn money by putting advertisements in your blog. Anyone who owns a blog (or a website) can open an Adsense account, place ads in his blog (or website) and earn money depending on the number of clicks on the Adsense links from the blog. Adsense advertisements fit themselves to the target audience of the blog. For example, if you write a blog on the popular board game backgammon, the ads would probably lead to online gaming sites. Therefore, the size of the revenue from your blog is subject to the appeal of the ads among your readers.


If your blog gets a lot of traffic, you can try to approach a certain company or a business and offer them to run an advertisement campaign at your blog. Many of today's companies appreciate the widespread potential hidden in popular blogs so you might even receive a positive answer.

However, it would be easier to get sponsorship for your blog if you are willing to settle for your original content ideas and include a preordered review on a specific product chosen by the company that will pay your hosting bills. Services such as Pay Per Post (PPP) or Review Me, specialize in connecting between advertisers and bloggers. Of course that if you write a beauty blog, you will not be paid to post a review on a set of golf woods and vice versa.

This money making method has its pros and cons. Looking at the bright side, you get free products, content idea at no cost, plus you get paid to post. On the other hand, you can never be the same independent and free of commercial considerations blogger you used to be.


If blogging takes over most of your spare time and your community of readers still can't get enough of you, why don't you ask them to lay a few pennies at your donation box? Fundraising buttons, also known as tip jars, ask the readers to take part in the blog maintaining expenses or to help the blog owner to spare part or all of his day job to become a full time blogger, have been in use for a long time. Over the past few years, rumors on the effectiveness of this monetizing method supported the growth in its popularity among successful bloggers.

More Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Additional ways to make money from blogging include joining an affiliate program (such as Amazon Associates) in which by linking your readers to the business you receive an agreed share of their revenues; developing blogging related career which can range from a ghost blogger to newspaper columnist through business blogging counselor and merchandizing, whether by offering t-shirts with your blog logo for sale or by selling an e-book on your field of expertise.


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