Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Website to Make Money Online

There are several choices in creating a website to earn money online, you can either choose to design a website from scratch yourself or use a professional ready-made web template to build a website for your online business. Whatever your choice is, there are several things to think about and ask yourself from the start:
1. Do you need a shopping cart or an e-commerce solution on your website?
2. Do you want to reserve some space to display articles?
3. Would you like to make money with advertising programs (such as Google AdSense, Kontera Ad Link and, etc)? If yes, you'll need to plan for on-site advertising space in the website design.
4. Do your website design need to be interactive for site visitors?
5. Are you going to use a content management system (CMS) to run your website?
6. Is there a need to add audio or video player on your website?
Once you have answered these questions, it is time to start designing a website for your online business. You have a few general options to consider when deciding how to design a website:
1. Pay a web design company or professional Web designer to design and create a custom website according to your requests and needs.
2. Design a website yourself if you already possess web design skills and experience or you can take a course to learn about web design and HTML code.
3. Search for a ready-made professional web template from free website template sites, or buy one from a web template provider. Then use the template to start building your site. You may customize the template to fit your needs.
Using a web template is probably the best option if you don’t need a custom web design, and don’t want to design a website from scratch yourself. The good things about using template are it saves you a lot of work in the website building process and you don't need to spend a hard time thinking about the background and layout for your website since web templates have all the design made ready. Below are some of sites that provide ready-made website templates where you can use to build a money making website:
1. Freewebtemplates.com – The website has a collection of 3937 Free Templates created by designers from around the globe available for download. They also provide free web graphics and links to professional website template.
2. Templates5.com – A lot of pre-made web templates created to fits the needs for different online business in Templates5.com. Most of the templates are well designed and in good quality. Each template in Templates5.com costs $50 to $90.
3. Aplustemplates.com – This is one of those subscription based template sites. For a yearly fee of $49.99, you can access to Aplustemplates.com's library to download different types of website templates. New templates are added weekly, so you have the chance to use fresh new template for your website.
Whatever your decision is in designing a website for your online business, make sure that the website design serves the needs of both your online business and its target visitors.

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