Tuesday, January 01, 2008


The positioning needs to be constantly informed.

Terms SEO.

Some of the terms and words that you can understand more easily all the documentation concerning the search engine positioning.

At the time of increasing visits, here are some useful tips

  1. Include the address of your blog on your signing the mail. This is great, because every time you send an e-mail will be your blog address and more than one click it out of curiosity.
  2. Add your URL to Google.
  3. Enables your pages entry into the options for your menu. This means that each post will have its website independently, so that when someone searches for something on Google, the search engine will have more links.
  4. offers at the end of your post and where you want, links to other articles you have written.
  5. Design a button to your blog with a code so that other users from copying and stick in your sidebar.
  6. Subscribe Seekers Blogs to keep you on their lists as Technorati, Daypop.
  7. Creates links to other blogs. To help you read the others to read.
  8. Leave comments in many places, is a way people are interested in what you say and want to deepen curioseando in your blog. Now, the idea is not to become a spammer.
  9. Enables Feed your site.
  10. Allows readers comment on each post. Perhaps many users back to see how the conversation continues.
  11. Increases your positioning on the search engines Google.
  12. Meet at your feed as often as possible.
  13. Look after your spelling and your vocabulary.
  14. Participate in forums and gives your blog.
  15. Install a 'Blogroll'. This is a collection of links to blogs that you like.
  16. Add a link to your blog that others recommend.
  17. Creates posts summary, which verify various posts on the same subject, linking them.
  18. Tries, to the extent that you can, answer the comments of your readers. They will be very happy.
  19. Try writing on the same subject, to let your readers back for more of it.

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