Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Key to Success of Your Blogging

Definitely content means a lot for blogging. If you can create a stable flow of unique, quality content on your blog with very nice frequency of publishing - very soon your blog will become a highly authority blog in the niche.

But even 1 post per day post speed is not easy in terms of finding quality content. You can use these very simple blogging tips to learn the sources where you can get quality content on a regular basis,

Niche Forums - Idea One

Visiting niche forums is interesting not only because it helps you to learn your niche better. You can see what people are talking about there, what is INTERESTING for them or makes up some NECESSITY or URGENCY. The problem, its development and cures for the problem can become a nice and informative reading for your visitors.

Niche Forums - Idea Two

You can ask questions for the questions that are important to you and share this opinion on your blog (surely with the permission of a person who gave a good tips and the forum. If you give them a mentioning in the post - there are very likely to agree.

PLR Products

PLR (private label rights) products are the products (content) that you can legally change and edit. PLR products can be solved as separate packages and communities where members on monthly basis pay money, professional writers create PLR articles for necessary niches. And this content is later on used by the community members.


If you have a budget - ghostwriter in a nice choice. You are working with this person individually, the writer understands better the topic as he/she is writing for one niche for a long time and has the time to dig niche deeper. And this gives a nice manual control on how the process of content creation for the blog is running. Even with a pack of ghostwriters you still have a nice grab on the process.

Niche News Providers

Search for the official news provides in the niche, maybe, some niche press release agencies. Contact them and ask for the permission to edit their news and publish on the blog. If you give them a backlink from each post created on their content, they will agree. This will help you to grow with content and gain authority, then you can minimize the "give-away's" of your backlinks.

Blog Content JVs

If you found a writer or blog author in your niche and you like his/her materials - offer a content JV. This person will be sending you the new content (because this person is already creating content for the blog). You change texts a little, publish on your blog as well, with backlinks. If this blog owner sells something on the blog, you can also publish affiliate links inside your posts on your blog - this can give you extra affiliate sales.

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