Friday, July 20, 2007

Foreign Language in Website

Think global. Who says you can only earn money from articles written in English? You might be interested in knowing that I actually make a lot of money from non-English content as well!

Here's a test: Quickly, name the top three search engines in the world.

You may have come up with something like: Google, Yahoo, and MSN, or something similar. But you are dead wrong if you did!

So? Translate your content into Chinese and get it indexed! Korea, Japan and Spain also all have gigantic, growing foreign language markets to make money in!

There are many language translation plug-ins available on the market for wordpress blogs or standard web pages. Translation software usually connects to one of 3 translation services (listed below) and can do real time translation for you.

• Google Translate (

• Yahoo! (

• Altavista Babelbish (

Alternatively to that method, you can get SYSTRAN desktop software to do translation for you offline. The three translation websites listed above, all run SYSTRAN technology, by the way.

Now, to take this technique one-step further to create a fail-safe way of making money in foreign markets is by including the original English-based content right after the foreign language content on the same page.

Why does that help? Because sometimes AdSense fails to come up with relevant ads in strictly foreign language pages and ends up displaying nothing at all! The simple reason for this is that there are much less advertisers in foreign languages. So by including the English version on the page, regardless of the actual foreign language content, your angle is now fail-proofed.

In final, what I've learned about the foreign language experiment is that, even though there are not that many ads in any given particular foreign language, people still click on them. My theory for this is that the translated text is probably butchered, and since the ads would become the only properly structured content on the page, naturally, they click it.

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