Saturday, July 21, 2007

The most popular affiliate payment plans

Affiliate networks usually represent hundreds of advertisers, and more importantly, they collect all of your earnings from the different vendors and pay with ONE check. Even if you make $5.00 with one program, $15.00 with a second, and $10.00 with a third one, you will get paid with one check!

There are two Affiliate brokers that any new entrepreneur should sign up with: ClickBank and Commission Junction (C.J.)

ClickBank Best Affiliate Network For Beginners

The most generous commissions one can earn is by promoting digital products such as ebooks and software. Sellers of these digital products offer up to 75% commissions and sometimes more because there is no shipping costs or physical inventory involved. After a payment has been made, customers will be able to download the ebook or software directly to their computers.

The best place to find such generous affiliate programs is Clickbank. ClickBank pays affiliates twice a month as long as their accounts have earned a minimum amount of $10.00.

ClickBank represents thousands of products, which are listed by ratings. You don’t have to understand all details of ClickBank ratings, just remember that products located on the first and second pages of each category are the leaders. The top ten to twenty products in each category have high conversion rates. These sites are very successful at converting Internet shoppers to buyers. What does that mean to you? More sales!

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