Thursday, July 05, 2007

Make More Money with PPC Publishing

PPC publishing is becoming one of the best ways to advertise on the internet. More and more companies are realizing the advantages of advertising this way, and the ranks of users swells daily. Here are 5 key ways toward the best PPC publishing for your dollar.

1. Think niche advertising. Because you will need a website that appeals to someone, make if something that will draw a lot of interest and people who will want to click on the ads placed there. Include good content and photos if you can for the best PPC publishing results

2. Use a visually pleasing design. Dont think bright colors and flashing banners are the key to success here--mostly, people just click off sites like that. Look at the most successful companies out there and how they have their websites designed. No pink bold text on black backgrounds? Theres a reason. In fact, check the websites of companies that are somewhat related to your websites theme and emulate them.

3. Uncluttered ad placement and size. Keep them to the left of the screen, since people read left to right, and dont overload a page with them. If there are too many, no one will read them. Think simple and clean for the best PPC publishing designs.

4. Write relevant and informative material. The best PPC publishing out there revolves around content. Use good keywords and keyword phrases, and keep it simple and to the point.

5. Do not pad your clicks, ever! Your advertising will be shut down immediately. This is cheating, and if you have used the best PPC publishing practices, you dont need to do this. Besides, why make more work for yourself? Take that time to develop more content so you can have more room for ads.

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