Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pay Per Click Affiliate Power Tricks

                                If you want to be a pay per click affiliate and win big in the pay per click game, it all boils down to: 1) how well you have chosen your keywords, 2) how well you write your ads, and 3) how much "insider knowledge" you possess about the PPC game.

Realize right now that "insider knowledge" is for sale. Anyone willing to invest $177 to $260 can purchase the information and software that the most successful players are using.

Choosing the right keywords is best accomplished by using a professional tool. A lot of people use the free keyword tools; and since so many people do that, they all swim around in the same pond.

The key to winning the pay per click affiliate game is to be a lone fish in a lone pond where there is no competition. So my advice is, first of all, to stay away from promoting the same popular products that 50 million other people are promoting.

My second bit of advice is to stay clear of the keywords that all the other players are using and paying top dollar for. To find those inexpensive keywords you will need a powerful internet tool, one which is not available for free.

You need to go deep and find those magic keywords that are specific to your market which nobody else is using, then your competition will simply not exist. Your cost per click will be correspondingly low, and that means your return on investment will be off the chart.

So you really must play the pay per click affiliate game on a higher level.

What usually separates the winners from the losers is an investment. The winners online have invested in some good internet tools and paid for some valuable knowledge. Losers are afraid to invest enough money to win the game.

If I had it to do over again, and people ask me this from time to time, "What would you do if you had to start from scratch to make a lot of money in the pay per click affiliate game?" I tell them what I'm going to tell you, dear reader.

"What I would do is invest in some first rate software to separate me from the herd. I would use a couple of dynamite internet tools as leverage to win the pay per click affiliate game. And I would play a game where there were not very many players."

To find out which software the pros use, and which you too can use to separate yourself from the herd, you will have to visit my web site.

There's not much more to say than, "Invest in the software." It costs a few bucks, but it's going to pay for itself the very first day of your PPC campaign.

Use this software to build huge keyword lists. But more importantly, you can use this software to uncover the keywords that your competitors are NOT using.

You will also need to invest in some insider knowledge. But knowing which ebooks to purchase is also difficult because there are so many bad ones out there.

That being said, I have purchased a few ebooks that were worth the dough. There are a couple of ebooks that are full of hard hitting, down and dirty tricks to make you a healthy income with a few weeks work and experimentation. Getting a hold of the right ebooks is like getting hold of the keys to Fort Knox.

Once you know the methods that the guys making all the money are using, you can use the methods to make the kind of income they make. It's not unusual to make $300 a day after implementing a few explosive pay per click affiliate marketing techniques.

You've got to invest in some insider knowledge so you can leverage yourself into a position of power. Knowledge can be bought.

You owe it to yourself, if you're going to dump money into Google Adword campaigns, to invest in some information that will make a big difference in your pay per click affiliate results.

Well, there you have it. Invest in the right software and you will see a major improvement in your Pay Per Click Affiliate Campaigns. Use the right tools and insider knowledge to sky rocket your revenue.

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