Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Make Money Online With Your own Information Product

Creating an information product for the first time may seem to be a daunting task, but it is also the most profitable way to go!

Going through the web will bring up a lot of information but it is difficult to understand howexactly to go about it. This is where a step-by-step concise guide comes handy. This is exactly what you will find in this article.

The first step, before getting into the actual product creation is the mindset. The right mindset goes a long way in ensuring the success of your product. If one has been in Internet marketing for long and has a list to sell this to, it is easy, but when one is new and has no list, it takes a lot of hard work and some good elbow grease! Never ever get started thinking this is going to be easy. Have faith and leap into it with the dedication and commitment that is required. See it through no matter how much time it takes, one week, two weeks or a month. The first product is always the most difficult to create and let me stress that it gets only easier, especially if the first one is a success. Ensuring its success is in your hands.

                The second and most important step is one of the most talked about subjects. Finding a hungry niche. With the first product, it is always best to go with a niche that you have an interest and knowledge in. There may be several niches that are profitable, but pick one that you are passionate about. This makes things easier. After choosing a niche, check if people are interested in that niche. Use keyword tools, of which several are available, and find out the number of searches that are made for that niche and how much competition there is. Make sure the niche search results have at least 2000 searches or more. This shows that people are keen on finding information related to that niche. If it is a very small niche (less searches), then think of something else that has good search results and less competition. Choose at least ‘key phrases’ that people are looking for in that niche and note them down. Do not pick anything with too much competition for the first information product. Once you gain a little experience, you can get bold.

Once the niche and the five key phrases are ready, next step is to start writing the ebook. How do you go about it? How would you know what chapters to have in your book?

This is where Yahoo answers comes in. If you have heard of it, you would know that people ask questions and find answers to those questions, and it is an excellent resource to learn what people want to know within a particular niche. This is an awesome tool to find chapters for the ebook.

Suppose you are writing about ‘dog training’. Type that in the search bar and yahoo will bring up several questions on the dog training topic. The amount of chapters for your book should be based on the number of questions being asked, but about 5 or 6 chapters with decent content should be good enough. Note down 5 or 6 important questions that are being asked and these will be your chapters. There may be a lot more but since this is your first book, concentrate on a few.

There should be chapters for the ebook and also good titles for each chapter. Creating content for each chapter comes next.

Always start an ebook with an introduction, telling the readers who you are and what it is that you wish to convey through your ebook. Although, this doesn’t have to be long, a short story will be good.

Here are some guidelines to help with the titles. Pick a catchy title and use some words like ‘Secrets’ or ‘Never before seen’ or ‘Top 5 reasons’ in the title and make it attention grabbing. Once the titles are formed, content should be written based on those titles.

Try and ensure there is not too much fluff. Remember, people crave for information, give them as much as possible. This makes all the difference between a well-made information product and one that has been written just to make a few sales.

When writing for the first time, it is natural to feel awed by the whole process, but it sure doesn’t have to be that way. Time to get some ideas for the titles. If you are running out of ideas because you are new, read various articles on the topic of the chapter, writing down points all the time. Then expand on those points in your own words. The biggest mistake and one that will pull a writer down is copying content. There is no excuse for doing that. Taking ideas from other articles is fine, in fact it is good as it provides the much needed learning curve.

It is a lot of writing but staying focused is the key to succeeding in coming up with a great product!

Construction of each chapter becomes very important. Start off by telling them what you want to tell them. Then tell them about it and write the main content, advice and a few tips. At the very end of the chapter, summarize what you told them briefly and write a little about the next chapter.

That’s all there is to it! If you follow these steps you are on your way to creating a very profitable product!

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